Tuesday, 9 October 2012

You must have a gift...

"Rays of Hope"
Original watercolour
Glenn Marshall

   "You must have a gift to be able to paint like that!". I guess that most painters have heard this or similar and while it is very flattering...is it true?
Let's consider the different types of gift. Well first there is the gift that is eagerly awaited and when unwrapped is immediately loved and put into use. Then there is the gift that once unwrapped is used for a while and then put away in a cupboard.  But there is another kind of gift...let me illustrate.
I love barbecues and several years ago I was the proud owner of a large portable barbecue. This brought me invites to many a summer get together..."and bring your barbecue with you.".
Unfortunately I didn't look after my barbecue and it rusted and finally fell to bits...some of the invites died up!
However one afternoon there was a knock at the door and when I opened it Judy was standing there. Judy is an old friend and she said she had brought me a new barbecue as a gift. Gratefully I went outside expecting to see a shiny new appliance but.......all I could see was a pile of bricks and bits of metal...it was a self build brick barbecue. I built the barbecue and hosted many, many more happy occasions.
Do you get the point...yes it was a gift but I had to work to get the best out of it!
I think this is the type of gift that applies to painters. We might have a modicum of talent but we have to work hard to realise our full potential.
So the next time someone talks about your gift ....accept the compliment but remember the hard work!                                                

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