Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Come Together..

'Leeds Town Hall'
iPad painting
Glenn Marshall
More Information
This iPad painting is based on an old black and white photograph. I have painted it in the style of John Atkinson Grimshaw. Regular followers will have gathered by now that I am a great fan. We both came from Leeds and I first discovered his beautiful work in the Leeds City Art Gallery (the very astute among you will have noticed that we had a 'Town' Hall but now we have a 'City' Art Gallery - this is called progress...I think!). Back to the story. It had been my very great honour to have had a painting selected for the Leeds Open Exhibition and we had gone to see my work hung in such a prestigious place. It did feel good, I admit, to have my painting on the wall in my hometown gallery. Of course while we there we had a look round and came across the paintings of one Mr Grimshaw. I was totally captivated from that moment on. I bought his biography there and then and have been inspired ever since..whenever I get stuck, I think..'nocturne'.
I'm sure that all painters have heard the comment, "Oh, I wouldn't know where to start!", so I thought it might be helpful if I showed step by step how this painting eventually did 'come together'.

Initial outline to establish scale and dimensions

Drawing some detail

"The devil is in the detail" - you're not kidding

First colour wash and immediate transformation

Starting to look like a painting now the sky's done 

Let there be lights...then just the figures to do
Hope you enjoyed the show.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

For You Blue...

Midsummer Night's Dream
Original Watercolour
Glenn Marshall
Prints and Cards

From the moment I began to paint I was fascinated by the effects of it could transform the mundane into the magical. Over the years I have added people or animals to my paintings but I do think they work best without. This leaves the viewer free to wander through the painting and make his or her own focal point or points. I have always wanted to lead the viewer into a painting and this is a good example. You are naturally led to the white reflection in the distance and then, hopefully, beyond...enjoy your stroll - it's a lovely Summer night!