Monday, 29 October 2012

Open Studio Weekend

"Late Evening at Tintern Abbey"
Original watercolour
Glenn Marshall

We are holding an open studio weekend here at Finley House, Sewerby. We will be open from 1230 - 1530 both days Saturday and Sunday 3rd and 4th November 2012,  so if you happen to be in the area, please call in - you will be made most welcome. For full details just get in touch at:
Open studios are a 'good' thing. It gives people the opportunity to see the painter and the paintings in a more relaxed atmosphere and the painter the chance to explain the 'thinking' behind a particular piece.
The location is also free from what I call the 'gallery' effect.
Now I am a great supporter of the gallery system - painters like me would not be able to survive without it and I appreciate the efforts they make on my behalf especially in these difficult times!
However as someone who has worked in a few galleries, I have observed a few things - the 'gallery' effect!
First of all people tend to speak in whispers as they do at the dentists.
This could be because their comments are not very favourable - "A kid could do that!", "How much??", we have all certainly heard those sort of remarks. But I think there is a more underlying cause. People are still a bit in awe of 'art'. So they keep their opinions nice and low in case they appear foolish to other viewers or gallery staff. This applies especially to contemporary art. Joe public thinks they have to like it even if they don't understand it..they don't want to seem  old fashioned or uncool, do they.
The other good thing about an open studio concerns choice.
At your place there is only your stuff to consider - either they like what you do or they don't!
Sometimes in a gallery people can be spoilt for choice and end up not buying anything as they just can't decide what they like best.
Anyway, time to start getting ready - prints to frame, cards to print etc, etc. and hope for a successful weekend - look forward to seeing you!

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