Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Highest Mountains in the Yorkshire?

"Roaring Ghyll, Honister Pass"
I have the great fortune to be a born and bred Yorkshireman. Now everyone who lives in Yorkshire knows that it is "God's Own" County and the best location on the planet with the best possible landscape features in existence.
 However some people get a bit confused and need to be put in the picture so to speak.....
Stan Lewis is a very dear friend. He hails from Seattle but is happily settled in Hull with a lovely Yorkshire lass. He attended one of my watercolour courses and this particular week we were doing a painting of mountains in the Lake District. The following week he turned up with a photograph from 'back home' and said that these were what HE called mountains. They were indeed very impressive - a range of majestic snow covered jagged peaks piercing the sky. "They are proper mountains." he proudly announced.
However I soon put him right....
"Everyone knows that the highest mountains in the world are in Yorkshire - it's just that they have worn away a bit!"
So there we are, honour settled and the true facts presented...gracefully accepted by my genial friend who was happy to be put right!


  1. HaHaha, great story Glen, I know that area and you have captured it perfect, love the details of the Rocks on the hillside.

    1. Thanks Tim...these people have to be put right!