Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Come Together..

'Leeds Town Hall'
iPad painting
Glenn Marshall
More Information
This iPad painting is based on an old black and white photograph. I have painted it in the style of John Atkinson Grimshaw. Regular followers will have gathered by now that I am a great fan. We both came from Leeds and I first discovered his beautiful work in the Leeds City Art Gallery (the very astute among you will have noticed that we had a 'Town' Hall but now we have a 'City' Art Gallery - this is called progress...I think!). Back to the story. It had been my very great honour to have had a painting selected for the Leeds Open Exhibition and we had gone to see my work hung in such a prestigious place. It did feel good, I admit, to have my painting on the wall in my hometown gallery. Of course while we there we had a look round and came across the paintings of one Mr Grimshaw. I was totally captivated from that moment on. I bought his biography there and then and have been inspired ever since..whenever I get stuck, I think..'nocturne'.
I'm sure that all painters have heard the comment, "Oh, I wouldn't know where to start!", so I thought it might be helpful if I showed step by step how this painting eventually did 'come together'.

Initial outline to establish scale and dimensions

Drawing some detail

"The devil is in the detail" - you're not kidding

First colour wash and immediate transformation

Starting to look like a painting now the sky's done 

Let there be lights...then just the figures to do
Hope you enjoyed the show.

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